Educational Tours

What is an Educational Tour?

Educational Tour is a discovery tour of a place, a region or a tourism product. These initiatives, in collaboration with Local Tourist, Tour Operators, Transport Companies, are reserved for tour operators territories references and tourism industry buyers.

What can you do with an educational tour?

To bring to life the experience of the operator concerned person directly in the places, to know and work with partners to be surprised by new ideas and inspiration for your programming guide.
The educational tour is still one of the most incisive and effective to convince a buyer for the quality and reliability of a tourism product.

The ingredients for a successful educational tour?

The success of an Educational Tours are numerous factors linked to each other. First and foremost we need a deep knowledge on the part of the person who promotes/organizes the reference area together with that of the target detected with respect to the products offered and servants.
In addition, we need to focus on:

  • selection of operators guest, who must be really interested in scheduling a professional manner and approach in the tourism targets identified
  • a program of visits useful and beautiful, tailored to the needs of buyers
  • a limited number of participants in order to facilitate timely and personalized assistance and Bidding

What does the Tourist Consortium Levante?

We have a great heritage of participants not only associated with tourism, but also on the operators dell'intermediato nationally and internationally (and bus tour operators, travel agents, tour organizers).
We know their interests, programming, their target customers.
With this information, up to date, we can make a real selection tailored to our customer true value of our business.
We work to goals and, thanks to the professionalism of our staff, we act so that our customers do not waste money and have the guarantee of only accommodate buyers interested in the products and services offered.

Upcoming events
Place:Dates:Area of Origin buyers:
Matera ed Area del Vulture Melfesedal 24 al 28 Maggio 2014Nord Europa
Place:Dates:Area of Origin buyers:
Potenza e pianura metapontinadal 3 al 7 Giugno 2014Nord Europa
Place:Dates:Area of Origin buyers:
Coste Tirreniche di Marateadal 10 al 14 Giugno 2014Nord e Centro Europa